Transforming Operations
Choosing the right operational model.
We start by understanding your operation and efficiency goals.
Executing Efficiently
We've innovated by designing a highly successful operating process that takes your financial institution or real estate company to the next level


Designing and transforming in order to provide new operational models through the development of highly efficient operations

We develop our projects in strong partnership with our clients and are poised to achieve great results. We have a strong entrepreneurial spirit and an absolute commitment to delivering long term value to our clients. This is evidenced by a successful track record of projects with industry leading companies in the field of transforming operations.

Operational Strategy

Operational Strategy

We select the model through outsourcers and subsidiaries and we design the transformation plan while establishing the business case and evaluating the organizational impact. We define the 'change management' approach and show you how to add value to your current operations by selling your operations/subsidiaries to third parties. This is our field.

Efficiency & Productivity

Efficiency & Productivity

We improve your processes, manage suppliers and deal with your internal and external clients while setting up operational controls. We measure the efficiency of your processes and implement specialized reporting tools. We also implement a set of standards specific to your firm to increase the scalability of your operations.

Execution Excellence

Execution Excellence

We assign the right people with process knowledge specific to your industry to ensure highly effective process operation. This will guarantee that your business will operate on the highest level, meeting industry standards while maximizing productivity in a scalable manner.


People are the foundation of our business

Our background lies in the world of operations and we invest significant amounts in maintaining our detailed operational knowledge. We try to encourage our team to push their intellectual and emotional skills to their limits. We value the powerful bonds we create with our customers and try to improve their working days. We are continuously adapting to new trends.

Management Team

Edgar Aznar
Edgar Aznar
Founder & CEO
I am a consulting-preneur with over 20 years of experience in the field of transformation, change & digital innovation. I put passion in everything I do: my family, my business and my sports. GammaBC is my perfect space.
Rafael Andrés
LATAM Partner
I am the connection between our LATAM BPO services at GRUPOBC and our consulting practice at GAMMABC. I keep a full focus in understanding the client’s needs in terms of operational goals to guarantee that we deliver the whole operational value chain of our clients. I am a member of the Management Board of GAMMABC.
Ignacio Menéndez
Ignacio Menéndez
Board Member
As a Commercial General Manager at GRUPOBC, I am a member of the Management Board of GAMMABC, providing support in business strategy and service development. My objective is to guarantee full service delivery to our clients, from consulting to operation by setting up teams that add the maximum value to the business of our clients.

We’re hiring

We look for professionals with three important attributes: The ability to work in a constantly changing space, a desire to work in the field of operations and a focus on doing what is best for the client.

Our dream started back in 2002, where we saw a clear opportunity for our clients to add value to their operations. We founded GAMMA MANAGEMENT.

For over 13 years we focused on two areas: strategy definition and productivity & efficiency.  But the market evolved looking for companies that could cover all the operational value chain.

Our strong entrepreneurial spirit compelled us to further our ambitions in split the company in two directions:

1. creating GAMMABC in partnerhsip with GRUPOBC and with strong focus on Operational Transformation Consulting and...

2. creating GAMMAUX where we have developed our Digital Consulting Services.
When it comes to building a strong business relationship, we have put in place the values that our sports background has provided us with: discipline, planning, self-motivation, hard work, humility, teamwork, drive, sportsmanship, endurance and success.

Our values have helped us become a fully client oriented company.

Besides that, we are very proud of keeping a strong entrepreneurial attitude, developing continous excellence in our delivery with a goal oriented mind for our clients, through our company GAMMABC.
We strongly believe in connected enterprises.

Our aim is to develop services with the best people and top partners, acquiring internal and external talent to surpass the objectives of our clients.
We want to become the best available partner for our clients in the field of operations, applying our entrepreneurial spirit and deep industry knowledge while adding value to the entirety of the operational value chain.



Rambla Catalunya 100, 7º 1ª
08008 · Barcelona

C/Proción 1, planta 2
28224 · Madrid

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