Gamma Management is a consulting firm specialized in operational excellence that is based on three core areas: Operational Transformation, Organizational Development and User Experience (UX) Services.

Our activities are focused on the financial sector and service enterprises, both public and private. We develop our projects through a complete integration with our clients and are clearly directed towards achieving results. We have an entrepreneurial spirit and an absolute commitment to delivering long-term value to our clients. We are supported by more than 10 years of successful projects with industry-leading companies.

Service focused on operations related to the financial sector,  the goal of which, is to improve efficiency through the use of different elements.



Service based on placing the user (client) in the center of any activity related to processes, procedures and interfaces, for both internal and external clients.

Service focused on ensuring the company’s strategic alignment with the best organizational structure.  We place particular emphasis on capacity plans, profile matching, specialization requirements and internal and external capacities development.


Edgar Aznar

We are growing quickly, recruiting people who strongly identify with our values. If you like working on challenging projects with leading companies and in high performance environments, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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